Private Sightseeing and Cruising Trip

Get on the water on a private captained boat to cruise, sight see, and enjoy the lake.

Activity Level: 4  | Days: Hourly  | Group Size: 1-6  | Price: $150 per hour


We take individuals or groups up to 6 out for your choice of cruising around the lake and sight see. This is perfect for all types of groups from younger kids (8+) to friends and families that don’t want to rent a boat but want some time on the water. A captain is provided so you can leave the worries of driving to us.

  • Tube, Waterski, or Wakeboard
  • Includes Boat, Equipment, Captain, and Crew
  • Classes Available in 2 or 4 hour blocks
  • Perfect for individuals, families, or friends
  • Up to 6 Persons


Hourly – We will take you and your group out on the water in one of our boats and let you tube or just cruise the lake. We recommend booking at least two hours for maximum enjoyment.

Note on Itinerary

Although we do our best to adhere to the schedule listed above, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control.

What's Included and What to Bring

As this is a day outing, the most important thing is being prepared to be in the sun and to get wet. We supply all the necessary equipment for most activities. We do recommend you bring the following:

  • Water - approximately 1 liter of drinking water or gatorade-type drink so you stay hydrated. You're welcome to bring other refreshments and snacks but please help us keep the boat clean.
  • Sunscreen - It's pretty obvious, but nobody wants to look like a lobster
  • Towels - Always good to dry off

Upcoming Dates

You may book this trip at any time (weather permitting of course). We just need a head’s up so we can make sure we have Captain and Crew available. Head on over to our contact page to schedule your adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Lake Texoma Adventures is a new venture, Texoma Destinations (our parent company), has been around since 2007. Our staff is experienced outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of Lake Texoma. We know the lake better than most folks that have lived here their whole life. We are travelers, adventures, and teachers. We know how to be safe, have fun, and share our passion for what we do.

It depends on demand. From April to October, we will have at least one trip for each activity per month… In the peak summertime, we may have more.

Currently, calling us at 903.361.8500 is the best way to find out more information, including dates, total cost, and to actually book.

We require a 50% deposit upon booking with the balance due prior to the trip.

We require 14 days advance notice to cancel your trip. If you cancel within those 14 days  closest to your trip date, you will either a) be able to move your trip once to another date; or b) forfeit your deposit.

Should we cancel due to weather concerns, lack of attendance, or force majeure, you will be refunded the full deposit.

Texas weather is notoriously unpredictable although we’re pretty good at an educated guess. We’ve seen 100% chance of rain turn into a beautiful weekend and we’ve seen a sunny forecast turn ugly in a matter of hours.

Safety is ALWAYS our #1 and #2 priority… We don’t ever want to put anyone in harm’s way. That being said, we typically do not cancel trips due to an inclement weather forecast. A little rain never hurt anyone. We will keep you up-to-date as your trip date approaches if we have any concerns about weather and safety.

Should we cancel a trip due to weather, you will have the option to reschedule for a later date or to receive a refund on your deposit.

We try and spell out things you need and things we include above. There are a few simple traveling tips we recommend…

  1. Travel Light – Pack the essentials. Heavy bags become a burden on everyone.
  2. Travel Safe – Make sure you have any medications, prescription glasses, and protection (sunscreen, bug spray, etc) that you might need.
  3. Travel Smart – You’re on an adventure… whether thats a few hours on a boat or a few days camping… Be informed and make good decisions. This is simple stuff like making sure you have cameras and batteries, to letting someone know where you’re going and what you’re doing.
  4. Be Legal – We do not allow any weapons or drugs on our trips. Even if you have a CHL or equivalent, we don’t allow firearms. We are on government property most of the time. We will most likely encounter law enforcement for vessel safety checks on the water. We like to be legal and demand the same from you.

Sorry… We’re pet lovers too but we don’t allow pets of any kind on any of our trips. Thanks for understanding.

Our team works hard and is dedicated to making sure you are safe and have fun. Tipping is customary for your guides, captain, and crew.

We also want to know what we did right and where we can improve so we would love your feedback. If we did something wrong, let us know immediately, if we did something right we sure would appreciate a review online (Google+, Facebook, and TripAdvisor).